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Chris Watts has twenty years of experience in strategic communications, issue advocacy, media relations and public outreach. 

He started in the day-to-day crucible of state and local political campaigns, adding a brief stint in city government before moving into the private sector.  In more than a decade as a public relations executive at a major Indy-based marketing agency, he burnished reputations and earned results for clients spanning manufacturing, government, non-profits, higher education and economic development.


Watts also served a six-year stint leading marketing and communications for the Indy region’s CEO alliance.  He supported a family of visible statewide economic initiatives focused on Indiana's key growth industries while working on high-profile public policy efforts – local government reform and mass transit, most notably – and research projects.


Through his career, Watts has been an aggressive and tenacious advocate, with a knack for connecting the dots to turn complex topics into compelling storylines – and he’s eager for new challenges leading CW Strategies.

Chris Watts
Founder and Principal
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